QR Code on Voucher Page

In a Coupon or other voucher-based campaign, there are 3 possible voucher code options; “Automatically generate codes”, “Upload a list of custom codes”, and “Use same code for all coupons”

Coupon voucher code options

If you use either of the unique code options, the voucher will automatically include a QR code for easy redemption (these can be scanned, or even tapped on a mobile device to mark the voucher as ‘redeemed’ in your offer’s dashboard).

The QR code leading to the redemption screen will appear on the post-entry/voucher page of the live campaign:

After the retailer scans/taps the QR code:

Voucher redeem screen

If you do not want to display the QR code for redemption, click on the Voucher element in the Design section, click the “Painter’s palette” icon on the secondary/settings panel, then click “Presets” and select either “Basic Voucher” or “Basic Voucher Code”:

Voucher element painter's palette button
Voucher element design and advanced settings
Updated on December 13, 2022

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