QR Code on Voucher Page

In a Coupon or other voucher-based campaign, there are 3 layout options for the default voucher that displays on the Post-Entry page.

By default, the voucher will display in the “Standard” layout, which displays the voucher code, expiration date, and the user’s email address. In the Design section, you can change the layout to “Code only” which would display only the voucher code, or “QR code” which is similar to Standard mode, but also includes a QR code for easy redemption (these can be scanned, or even tapped on a mobile device to mark the voucher as ‘redeemed’ in your offer’s dashboard).

First, click on the Voucher Element to select it.

Voucher element selected

Then, click the Styles tab.

Voucher element styles tab
Voucher - styles - QR code

Now the QR code leading to the redemption screen will appear on the voucher:

Updated on July 8, 2020

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