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Campaign Checklist: 12 Steps To An Effective Campaign

This article will take you through every step needed to create a Woobox campaign. Whether it’s a sweepstakes or a coupon, most of the same principles will apply. You should at least be aware of all of the options available to you on this page (though a lot of contests will not need every single option).

  1. Edit the Settings. Make sure the start and end dates are set up to match your campaign’s time-frame, entry restrictions are chosen, and other settings depending on the campaign type.
  2. Add form fields. By default, most of our apps will collect an email address. To add additional fields to your form, go to the Customize/Design page and click the Form element directly to open the Settings menu on the left.
  3. Customize with Images or HTML. Go to the Customize/Design page to add an “Element” like an image, video, text, or HTML. You can click to select any element on the page to change its content either with or without HTML.

    Update 10/2018: CSS and HTML are now available on the Advanced and Power plans. If you are on the Basic or Standard plans, you will need to upgrade to use custom CSS or HTML.

  4. Customize Share Text. By default, share title comes from the Title you originally gave the campaign. If you want users to share something different, set that up in the Sharing section of your dashboard. You can also click to select the share element on the Customize/Design page to edit the sharing options.
  5. Enable Hashtag Entry (for photo and video contests). By default, entrants can submit photos via file upload on the Entry page of the campaign. However, from the Overview page you can set up hashtag entry.
  6. Customize Text/Language. If you want to change wording in the campaign, such as “Enter this contest” or “Get a coupon”, go to the Language section (under the Setup tab or Settings page, depending on the campaign type).
  7. Preview. You can do this by clicking on your Woobox Campaign URL found at the top of the dashboard while managing your campaign. Note: If the offer’s start date is in the future, you can either make the contest active based on the start and end dates to view it live, or click “View campaign” in the admin toolbar on the preview screen. It will not be public but in a testing environment called Admin Only mode.
  8. Activate the campaign. When created, a campaign is only visible to admins. To publish it, go to the Overview page and click “Publish”, or turn off Admin Only mode with the toggle switch at the bottom of the Edit page. This will require a Woobox subscription.
  9. Install on Facebook and/or Embed in your Website. The “Facebook Page Tab” or “Install on Facebook” section of your dashboard allows you to install a tab to your Facebook page. The “Embed” section of your dashboard gives you some code you can copy and paste into your website to embed the contest there. You can do both of these at the same time.
  10. Post the woobox.com campaign link. Copy and paste the campaign URL into your news feed. You can also share on Twitter, via emails, and on your website with the same URL. Driving more traffic to your campaigns.
  11. Pick a winner. Once your contest is over, head to the Winners or Participants section of your dashboard to choose 1 or more winners. You can do this as often as you need to, even during the contest.
  12. Export your data. Woobox provides a CSV file with all of the information that users have provided to you (as well as any uploaded files and traffic stats). You can find more information on how to export data here.
Updated on June 1, 2020

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