Copy a Campaign to Another Business

To copy a campaign from one business page to another (or make a copy on the same page) click Copy Campaign at the bottom of the Settings page.

Reset, copy, and delete buttons

You will be taken to a screen that displays all of your business pages. Once on that screen, you can select any other business page to which you have admin access, or you can make a copy of the campaign on the same page. Click the Copy button and the process will be complete.

Copy to other business screen

When you copy a campaign in this way, only the campaign settings and design will be saved. Entries, submissions, uploads, coupon codes, winners and stats will not be copied with the campaign. This gives your fans a fresh start at the contest on the new page.
*Copied campaigns will also have a new URL.

NOTE: This only works with campaign apps such as Sweepstakes, UGC Contests, Coupons, etc. To install our other tabs such as HTML fangate or Twitter to a second page, you’ll need to add it manually and copy/paste any data over.

Updated on July 15, 2021

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