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Rules and Advanced Settings

In your campaign’s left navigation, clicking Advanced will open a dropdown menu with the Rules section and other advanced settings (for campaigns on the old-style builder, the rules field is located at the bottom of the customize page). Not only can you type or paste in rules, but you can also use HTML here, or use the toggle switch to change to URL mode and add the URL where your general contest rules are already hosted. Using the rules URL field will cause the “official rules” link below your campaign to redirect to your online hosted rules page.

Advanced - rules

Rules text content 2019

Rules URL mode 2019
Under the dropdown are other important settings areas such as Language (to change the dialogue or language) and Tracking (to add your Google Analytics ID or Facebook Tracking Pixel) among others.

Advanced - tracking 2019

In the Presentation section, you will find controls for Age Restriction, Password Protect, Force SSL (always on by default), HTML Display Mode, and Kiosk Mode.

Advanced - presentation 2019

In the Presentation section of a UGC, Photo, or Video contest, you will also see options for adding the Facebook IDs of admins that will moderate comments, and switching the default landing page to Gallery:

UGC contest presentation settings

Updated on February 22, 2019

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