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Uploading Content to your UGC Contest

If you are hosting a voting-only UGC contest or received a submission outside of the campaign’s entry methods, you can add the submission to the gallery from the campaign’s dashboard. Here’s how:

While managing the offer, click Submissions under the “Manage” tab. Then, simply click the “+ Add a Submission” button:

Manage - submissions

UGC contest submissions section

You can then add a photo or video URL, a display name, and even a caption. Files up to 50MB can be uploaded. Videos must be entered using the video URL. You even have the option of adding an entry from Twitter or Instagram:

Manually add submission

Once the content is added, click the “Add to submissions” button.

*If Auto-approval is disabled, you will still need to approve the submission.

Updated on May 22, 2019

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