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Navigating your Customize Page

The customize section has seen some drastic overhauls in the past year. We have redesigned the user interface to better suit the trending user experience needs. Here are a few tips on how this new interface works and where to find all of the features you had before, and then some!

Add Elements

In the Customize section of your campaign, you can add a number of different elements to the promotion. To do so, select the page you want to add a component to, click Elements in the left navigation, then select the element you would like to add to the page.

Elements menu

How to edit your options

Each element can be adjusted and customized. Simply click on the element to open the menu on the left:

Click on element
Element settings menu

Layout and alignment

After our latest update, text customizations such as font, size, color, and alignment is now located in the toolbar that appears at the top of your screen after selecting a text element:

Text element toolbar

This toolbar is also where you can adjust the position of the element (the arrow icons) or delete the element with the trash-can icon. You can also re-position the element by clicking and dragging it to the desired location on the page.

To cycle through the display options for a voucher in a Coupon or Instant Win campaign, use the dropdown menu in the Styles tab after selecting the voucher element:

Voucher element layouts

Form fields

For each campaign, you are able to fully customize the entry form. To do so, click to select the Form Element on the Entry page to open the menu on the left:

Form element settings

From here you can add a form field by selecting the button labeled + Add Form Field.” You can click on the “pencil-and-paper” icon next to a form field to manage the label or other options for that field.

Styles tab

Click the Styles tab in the left navigation (with no elements selected) to edit background images and/or colors, the default font for the campaign, and access Advanced Options where you can adjust the background width, max width of the promotion’s pages, etc. These settings will affect the entire campaign.

Styles tab

Clicking on a particular element will change the Styles tab and the settings will affect only that element.

Navigation element - styles tab

Reset Styles: Clears background colors/styles.

Styles tab - reset styles

Custom Coding

Update 10/2018: CSS and HTML are now available on the Advanced and Power plans. If you are on the Basic or Standard plans, you will need to upgrade to use custom CSS or HTML.

Click Code to access the CSS and Javascript sections to add custom code (Javascript is available on the Power plan).

Code tab

Guided Tour

There is also a guided “tour” of the Customize section that can be accessed by clicking the “?” icon in the left navigation of the Customize screen. We recommend that you take the tour to get familiar with all the updates!

Question mark - guided tour
Guided tour welcome popup

Updated on October 26, 2018

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