How to add links to your landing page

Text Links: You can add a link to any text element, on any page of your campaign! In the Design section, just highlight text that you have already typed into the text element, click the “chain” icon at the top of the slider panel, and enter the destination URL. Click Save then the highlighted text will turn blue, and your link has been added!

Adding ext links
Enter URL for text link

Image Links: Another option is using an image element as a link. If you hadn’t noticed before, when you upload a picture, there is also a Link URL field just under the file upload area. Adding a URL to this field will turn the entire image into a clickable link! This is an excellent way to present entrants with eye-catching creative that invites them to visit your website for more information, or maybe a link to an exclusive offer available only to those who have entered this one.

Image element with link URL

HTML Links: On an Advanced or Power plan, you can add an HTML Element in the Design section (or access the HTML of existing elements) and code your link using the “a href=” attribute.

Link using HTML element
Updated on October 15, 2021

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