Customizing Default Language/Text

In the Settings tab of your campaign’s dashboard, scroll down and click Language.

settings tab

Language section - new dashboard

All default dialogue and messaging is shown in the Language panel. Click Customize under the line of text you’d like to edit and add your custom language in the field that appears, then click Save.

Custom language panel

Most of your copy can be changed within the Design section. Either by clicking on the text and directly updating it, or under the Customize Language link in the element’s settings panel.

Customize element language

Form field labels and placeholders can be edited or translated in the left panel while in the Design section.

Edit form field language

Finally, some options are also set to change based on the browsers local language settings this would include: “Optional” text next to the Facebook-like button and “No file chosen” text next to the file upload.

Updated on August 8, 2022

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