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Disable Facebook App Authorization

​You can set up a Woobox campaign to avoid the Facebook App Authorization if you set it up without using any of the following settings (see which ones your campaign is currently using in the Facebook Auth Dialog section of the offer’s dashboard):**

  • One entry per Facebook user
  • One entry per Facebook user per day
  • One vote per Facebook user

If you want to use any of those, it’s going to require that users “Authorize” the app before they can enter the contest.  You can still use (in place of the above settings) the “one entry per email address [per day]” and/or award bonus entries per “user that clicks and enters from entrant’s shared link.”

You can use FanGate without requiring the App Authorization when users enter within Facebook (in the Page tab); however, users who enter via mobile device will be entering outside of Facebook, so using FanGate for your campaign would still require them to authorize the app.

If you’d like to use any of the above features, but don’t want the default Woobox App Authorization, you can use a custom app for your campaign.  You can read more about using a custom app for your Woobox campaigns in our blog post.

**The above instructions and settings apply to the old style builder/campaigns. In new builder campaigns, there is a Facebook Auth Dialogue button on the Overview page.


Facebook auth dialogue inactive


Facebook auth active

Clicking on the Facebook Auth Dialogue button from the Overview page will take you to the Edit screen where you can adjust these settings.

Since Facebook has changed the way they share information, there are now just 2 settings (both on the Edit screen) that will enable or disable Facebook Auth: Entry restriction and Voting restriction.

If “Facebook user” or “Facebook user per day” are selected in these settings, the user will be required to be logged into Facebook and authorize the app they are interacting with.

Updated on February 8, 2019

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