How to Export Data

All of our apps allow you to export data, allowing you to save it for future reference or to analyze your campaign results. Saving your data is very important for your records, especially if you are considering canceling your paid subscription, as we no longer host the data you collect when you switch to a free account. Luckily this is an easy process. Here’s how to export collected data from the campaign.

First, you’ll need to choose a campaign you want to export data from. Manage the campaign by clicking on it in the Campaigns section.

Campaign selection 2019
Next, under the “Manage” tab, click Export, then Download Exports. You will see a list of different exports you can request and a couple that are ready for download instantly. This example is of a photo contest that has uploaded files. You won’t see this option unless you had users upload files in a form.

You’ll need to request an export of Entries and Uploads (see below). Votes and Stats are ready to download instantly. If you are exporting at random times during a live campaign, you can come back and request downloads again to get an updated export. (Uploaded files are different, as you’ll learn in this article).

Export - Download exportsExport download buttons
The more data you are exporting, the longer this process can take. You can refresh the page, or click the refresh button to see if the download is ready. You can leave and come back as well.

Refresh exports

Lastly, if you are exporting uploaded files, you’ll notice that this works a bit differently. In other files, you can request another export and it just refreshes your export. With Uploads, it creates a new file for each time you click “request export”. This means if you are requesting an export of uploads during an active campaign, you will end up with multiple files. You can access each one while your subscription is active. In the below example you’ll see there are two files, one file has 25 entries, and the other has 1, for a total of 26 entries that my example contest currently has. I can come back at any time on my active subscription and re-download each individual file if needed.

Download export button

Updated on November 1, 2019

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