Form Element

Most campaign types have a Form element on the Entry page by default. Click on one of the fields in the Form fields area in the left sidebar menu or directly on the form in the page preview to select it and edit that field.

Select and edit form element

To add a new field, click Add Form Field then choose your desired field from the slider menu.

Add new form field

Move the position of a field by clicking the six dots on the left and dragging up or down. Delete a field by clicking the “trash can” icon.

Move or delete form field

At the top of the slider, you can move the element up or down on the page, delete the element, or access custom coding or styles options (depending on your plan level).

Move or delete form element

If your campaign does not have a Form and you’d like to add one, click Add New Element then select Classic Form.

Add new form element

For more information on each field type, check out our Form Fields help category.

Updated on October 11, 2021

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