Transfer your Subscription to another Admin

To transfer a subscription and access to the campaigns created under the business on that plan, first click Manage Businesses in the account panel.

Account panel - Manage businesses

In the subscription area, click Transfer in the lower left corner.

Transfer subscription button

In the panel that opens, enter the new billing admin’s email address and then click Transfer Subscription and Businesses.

The new billing admin will receive an email inviting them to take over the subscription. After accepting the invite via the link in the email and adding a payment method, the subscription and associated campaigns will be transferred to their account.

If you are taking over billing and the link in your invite email has expired, go to the Manage Businesses section and click on the Takeover Subscription tab to complete the transfer.

Manage Businesses - Takeover subscription tab

If you’re on a non-team plan (Basic or Standard) the original billing admin will no longer be able to access campaigns for that business.

On team-member enabled plans (Advanced or Power) the new billing admin can add the previous billing admin (or any other admins) to the team to collaborate on campaigns. You can find instructions on adding team members here.

If you have any questions or need help transferring billing, email us at!

Updated on April 20, 2021

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