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Change Plan Level to Free: Cancel Subscription

You can change your account level at any time from the “All Businesses” section located in your account drop-down found at the top of the dashboard.

All Businesses from dropdown
From the Businesses page you can see all active subscriptions for your account. Click the red “X” on the far right hand side. After clicking on the red “X” you will be prompted to “remove business & purge data”.

If you do not see the red “X” you will need to take over billing as shown in this¬†take over billing article.

Red x to remove business

Note: By selecting “remove business & purge data” you are NOT cancelling the plan but only removing the business from the subscription if you need to replace it with another business. After removing the business, you will have the option to cancel the subscription.

Cancel popup

Note: You will only want to complete this process after all campaigns have ended and are no longer active as well as after exporting all necessary information as the data is purged on cancellation. Need help exporting? Click here.

If you’re not sure when the current subscription will renew, you can always check your active subscriptions via the Businesses section or view the individual invoices for each payment under the Payments section under My Account.

*If you clicked “Remove Business & Purge Data” the business has been removed from the plan, but your subscription is still active. To cancel, simply click the blue “Cancel Subscription” link right under the plan header:

Cancel subscription link

Updated on June 1, 2020

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