Pricing / Subscription Breakdown

Businesses / Brand Pages:

We do not consider your Instagram, Twitter, or other social media platforms as a Brand Page/business for limits on your subscription. At this time, we only count each individual Facebook Business Page or business you add manually to your account as a “business”, and associated social media accounts are included.

All plan levels accommodate 1 business by default.

*Additional businesses can be added to the Advanced plan for $49 per business, per month. Additional businesses can be added to the Power plan for $99 per business, per month.


Each time a user submits a new entry into a campaign or votes in a gallery, that is considered a participant. Reactions and comments from posts that are exported or if a winner is picked from those interactions, they are counted as participants.

If you go over the limit before the end of your billing cycle, then you can either upgrade (and the overage charge will be waived) or you will be charged 15 cents ($0.15) per participant over the limit.

To upgrade during a current billing cycle, check out this article.

The participant limit resets at the start of each new billing cycle.

Free Plan
$0/monthly – limit of 100 participants per month.

Basic Plan
$37/monthly – limit of 1,000 participants per month.

Standard Plan
$384/yearly – Unlimited amount of participants.

Advanced Plan
$99/monthly* – Unlimited amount of participants.
5 team members.
Additional businesses $49/month per business. Access to add custom HTML and CSS.

*The Advanced plan also has an annual option at $1,188 per year.

Power Plan
$249/monthly – Unlimited amount of participants.
Unlimited team members.
Additional businesses $99/month per business. Access to add custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

In your list of businesses you can see how many participants you have used to date within the billing cycle. This is the best place to check your participant count.

NOTE: Participant limits are not based on each individual campaign, but rather on all your campaigns combined. For example, if you have 3 active campaigns, we will combine the number of participants in all 3 campaigns and put that towards your limit.

Participant count display 2021


All of our plans are set to auto-renew each month or year, as stated at the time of purchase. You can cancel at any time, click here for a guide on cancellation.

Adding and removing businesses from a subscription:

You can add or remove businesses from your subscription as needed. This allows you to switch the businesses on your plan. To cancel your subscription, you must first remove the business, then cancel the plan. To add/remove businesses read this article.

Agency Plan:

Do you need Invoicing, customized terms of service, and/or have a lot of businesses? Contact us at for a quote or to find out more about our Enterprise Level Plan.

Updated on August 2, 2023

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