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What Do I Get With the Free Account?

Here at Woobox we offer a free account that gives you access to all of our Static Tabs, allowing you to create your own Facebook tabs.

You will also have access to the Posts section of your dashboard where you can use our Winner Picker function to randomly select a winner from reactions and/or comments on a Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube post, as well as export those reactions and comments. You can even perform hashtag searches on Twitter. Up to 100 interactions (participants) are allowed per month on the free plan.

You can also set up any of our campaign applications for free in Admin-Only Mode, allowing you to preview and test your campaign before deciding on a subscription. You can set up as many promotions as you’d like in Admin-Only mode, but you will need to upgrade to a subscription before your campaign goes live for public users.

Wondering how much it is? Our pricing plans vary based on your needs. With our $37/month Basic Package, you will gain access to all of the applications available within the Woobox application suite and unlimited number of promotions. You can update your subscription at any time by selecting Change Plan from your Woobox dashboard. Woobox is a subscription service, and you can cancel at any time.

Updated on December 11, 2019

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