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Adding a Facebook Page to your Account

If you login with your Facebook profile, any Facebook business page that you manage should appear inside of your Woobox account automatically. You can see a list of them here.

If your Facebook page is not appearing in that list, you should be able to add it from this page. In your dashboard, click All Businesses from the upper-right hand corner dropdown menu.

All businesses section

If you signed up or logged in with an email and password and would like to pull in your Facebook business pages, you will still accomplish this from the area mentioned above. Scroll to the bottom of All Businesses and click “Import Business Pages”. This will pull in any Facebook pages you admin.

This will also reauthorize and reconnect your Instagram access token if it has expired. This method works to repair that connection even if all of your business pages are already appearing in your list.

Import Business Pages

To create a new non-Facebook business in your Woobox account, click the green “+ New Business” button on the All Businesses screen.

Add new business button

If you denied the “email” permissions when signing up, you will need to visit the Settings -> Apps and Websites, and Business Integrations sections of your personal Facebook profile and remove all Woobox apps. We suggest that you then clear your browser’s cache and cookies, then log back into Facebook and then into Woobox. Be sure to grant all permissions to pull in your businesses.

Facebook settings dropdown
Facebook settings - apps and websites
Facebook - business integrations
Remove apps and websites

If you’re still not able to add your Facebook page, check the following:

  • Are you logged in via the right Facebook account? The best way to verify this is to go to the Facebook page in question and try to access the admin settings. If you can’t access them on Facebook, you may no longer be an administrator, or you may need to switch accounts.
  • Are you trying to add a Facebook business page? Woobox is currently only compatible with Business pages, not personal profiles or groups. Click here for more information.

Still having trouble? Email us at support@woobox.com.

Updated on September 25, 2019

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