The Woobox Billing Cycle

The Basic plan is available monthly, with no long-term commitments. The subscription will renew automatically every month. The other plans renew yearly. You can always check the Manage Businesses page of your dashboard to see the renewal date for any business you have upgraded. The next renewal date is displayed just below the plan name and amount.

Manage businesses - subscriptions

A Woobox Basic subscription will generally go to the same Date of the next Month.

FOR EXAMPLE: Sign up January 25th, and your plan will renew on February 25th.

If that Date is not present in the next month, our system will give you 30 days instead. Example: Sign up January 31st, and it will renew on March 2nd. (30 days after January 31st, because there is no February 31st). This would also occur if you signed up on May 31st – There is no June 31st, so the subscription would expire on June 30th – 30 days later.

Again, you can always check Manage Businesses page of your dashboard or contact us at to find out the exact renewal date.

If your payment does not go through, and you get an email saying “Payment failed for your Woobox renewal”, you may want to go to the Billing page to update your credit card. We will try to charge your card again in the coming days.

Updated on August 7, 2020

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