Granting and removing Woobox permissions

As an admin using Woobox to create and host campaigns, you must grant certain permissions to publish changes to your Facebook page.

A user participating in your promotion must also grant permissions to the app in order to participate (if on Facebook or if restricting entry by Facebook user).

Occasionally, you may hear from an entrant asking how to remove or revoke those permissions. Since Facebook settings can be tricky, here are instructions on how to remove those app permissions:

From your Facebook newsfeed (homepage) click the dropdown arrow next to the notification (bell) icon in the top toolbar and select Settings and Privacy.

Facebook settings 2021

Then Settings.

Facebook settings 2021

From the General Account Settings screen, select Apps and Websites from the left navigation.

Facebook - apps and websites 2021

To edit the information and permissions you give the App, find the App in question and click the View and edit button to the far right.

App view and edit button

Edit Facebook app info 2021

To completely remove the App and its permissions, simply click the Remove button.

Remove Facebook app 2021

If you are a page admin whose business is not in your Woobox account, you may need to repeat these steps in the Business Integrations section before logging back into Woobox and re-granting permissions:

Facebook business integrations 2021

Remove app from Business Integrations section 2021

When signing back into Woobox, be sure to grant all permissions on the popups to avoid connection issues.

If an entrant has removed permissions and would like to grant them again, they will be prompted the next time they try to interact with any of your Woobox campaigns restricted by Facebook user. If an admin has removed Woobox permissions, they can re-add the business and grant those permissions from the Business Settings -> Social Media section.

Updated on October 13, 2021

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