Design Section Overview

Welcome to the new and improved Woobox landing page Design section! The Design section allows you to add themes and colors, add images and other elements, and add or edit fields in your campaign’s form.

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Form element

Image elements

Heading elements

Paragraph/Text elements

Video elements

Share elements

Divider elements

HTML elements

Form Fields

Name field

Email field

Email opt-in field

Checkbox field

Birthday field

Rules checkbox

File upload field

Caption for Upload field

Video URL field

Gallery Category Drop-down

HTML block field

Password field

Recaptcha field

Single Use code field

Country field

Hidden field

Radio Button

Drop-down field

Text and Text Area fields

Submit button

Social media like/follow/subscribe buttons

Styling and Customization

Theme colors


Buttons and Inputs



Custom CSS

Custom JavaScript

Previewing and testing

Preview and test

Updated on October 11, 2021

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