Bracket Setup Guide

From the Campaigns page, select the template type – Landing Pages.

Then, choose either Bracket Poll (for a voting bracket) or Bracket Contest (for a predictive bracket) from the campaign types:

Bracket setup

Note: a “Predictive” bracket moves forward when you manually advance that round or match’s winner. A “Voting” bracket has rounds based on dates that you set, and the bracket choice with the most votes will advance at the end of that round.

After making these selections and giving your campaign a name, click “Set me up”.

On the next screen, you can choose how many bracket choices (teams) there will be (up to 64) and click Create.

Number of bracket choices

Bracket Settings

On the Bracket Settings screen, you can name the regions of the bracket (for back-end organization) and customize the bracket options (add titles/names and optional images).

Hovering over the colored boxes will reveal the number associated with that choice. This number coincides with the data in your Entries export. The numbers start with “0” as the top-left/first bracket choice.

Bracket settings screen - 2019
Bracket choice options

Voting Bracket Only:

In a voting style bracket, you can also set the dates that each round will begin and end, and see the votes for each choice in each Game (match-up) per round.

Bracket round dates and votes

Predictive Bracket Only:

In a Predictive style bracket, here you will see the actual “bracket” where you can advance the choice that should be advanced (i.e. the team that won the match). To move an option forward in the bracket, simply left click on it in the Bracket Results section. To undo a choice, hold down the Shift key and left click on the option.

Bracket results

Once you’ve put in the appropriate results, click “Save” and our system will tally up the results. You can view the scoring from the Leaders section of your dashboard.

Be sure to click “Save” at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.


Scoring is dependent upon the number of rounds and bracket options that you will have in your contest. Each round 1 will award 10 points for each correct option selected in the bracket. The points will double each round as the number of bracket options is cut in half. This means that each round will be worth the same amount of overall points and gives the later selections a bit more weight for getting them correct. For example, if we have a contest with 16 total bracket options, the score would be 80 possible points for the first 8 matches, then round two would also be worth 80 points because the 4 remaining matches of 8 options would be worth now 20 points for the correct selection. This pattern continues until the final round of your bracket promotion.

Edit screen

After saving the Bracket Settings, click Edit in the left navigation to select the entry restriction method, and set the dates for your campaign.

Bracket edit screen - 2019


Clicking Customize under the “Set Up” tab will take you to the “builder”. Here you can add backgrounds, images, videos, and customize the campaign’s form and share dialogue. For tips and tricks on using the Customize section, check out our blog site.

Setup - customize all campaigns

You can switch between the pages you are customizing from the left navigation menu.

Sweepstakes customize page nav

If your campaign is configured to start in the future, all users that visit the URL will be directed to the Pre-Start Page. Most admins use the default, “Please check back later. The promotion you are trying to access hasn’t started yet”, because often times campaigns are not promoted until they are ready to accept entries, so users generally never see the Pre-Start Page.

When you Enable the Fan-Gate, you can ask users to first like your Facebook Business Page before they enter the promotion (due to Facebook’s platform policies, you cannot require or incentivize this action).

Once a user has successfully entered, they will be directed to the Post Entry page. The Post Entry Page acts as confirmation that the user has successfully entered.


By clicking Elements in the left navigation, you can add images, videos, text, or even design creative with the Canvas element.

Customize - add elements

You can add image elements to upload your creative content to any page of the campaign.
*Notice the “Now Editing: Version 1” in the upper right corner. Versions gives you the ability to upload and schedule different images in the same image element.

Image element from menu
Image element settings

Customizing the Form Fields

While in the Customize section, click on the Form Fields element itself to add or edit form fields.

Form Fields element

Click “Add Form Field” in the menu on the left to add text fields, drop-downs, radio buttons, check-boxes, and social media follow buttons.

Form element - settings
Form field menu

You can customize the share options by clicking on the Share Element.

Share element
Share element settings

Custom Coding

By clicking Code in the Customize section, you can access the CSS section (on Advanced plans or higher) or the Javascript section (on the Power plan) to add custom styling or advanced code. *Clicking Code with an element selected will open the HTML editor for that element.

Customize - Code

Share Dialogue

Exit out of the Customize section and visit Sharing under the “Set Up” tab to customize the shared title, description, and/or image. *This will apply to Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere that recognizes open graph share dialogue.

Setup - sharing all campaigns

Official Rules

Clicking Advanced then Rules will take you to the campaign’s rules section where you can paste or type in the official rules, or add a URL to link to the campaign’s rules.

Paste Official Rules (Windows-Ctrl V or Mac-Command V)

Advanced - rules new navigation
rules text field

Publish Your Campiagn

Once your campaign is setup and customized, click Publish on the Overview page, or turn off Admin-Only Mode at the bottom of the Edit page. Your campaign is now live and ready to accept entries!

Publish button
Admin only - edit page

If you have any questions or issues setting up your campaign, don’t hesitate to email us at Good luck with your campaign!

Updated on October 14, 2019

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