Coupon Setup Guide

This guide will help you create the perfect Coupon campaign for your brand. Use this experience type to distribute a coupon code or voucher, then redeem it either in-store or online.

Create a Coupon

From the Campaigns screen, select the template type – Landing Pages.

Campaigns - Landing Pages 2021

Then choose Coupon from the campaign types.

Landing pages - Coupon

Add a Title

Next, add a title or name in the “Enter a title for your Experience” field and click Continue.

Coupon setup - add title

Overview Tab

The next screen you’ll see is the Overview section where you can edit basic settings and view or download stats.

Coupon overview page

Click the Edit button above the Status section to set the start and end dates of the experience’s entry period.

Status -edit dates

Select the dates and times, then click Save.

Status - edit dates panel

Click Edit above the Sharing section to customize the sharing image, title, and description for your experience URL.

Share dialog customization panel

Performance Stats

Once your experience receives views or entries, you can view a graph of these stats for the past past week, past month, or past year. Click Download Performance Stats to export a detailed traffic stat CSV file.

Performance stats section

Design tab

Click the Design tab to add backgrounds, images, videos, and customize the campaign’s Form Element. For more information on adding elements, styles, check out this article.

Coupon design tab

You can switch between the pages you are customizing from the left navigation menu.

Coupon design - pages

By clicking Elements in the left navigation, you can add images, videos, text, and more.

Design section - Elements

You can add an image element to upload your creative content to the Entry Page.
*Notice the “Now Editing: Version 1” in the upper right corner. Versions gives you the ability to upload and schedule different images in the same image element.

Image element settings

Customizing the Form Fields

While in the Design section, click on the Form Fields element itself to add or edit form fields.

Form Fields element
Form element settings

Click “Add Form Field” in the menu on the left to add text fields, drop-downs, radio buttons, check-boxes, and social media follow buttons.

Add form field menu

By selecting the Voucher Page in the Design section and clicking on the Voucher Element to select it then clicking Settings on the left, you can choose whether or not to display the expiration date.

Voucher element selected
Voucher element settings
By clicking the Styles tab while the Voucher element is selected, you can choose to display the QR code for redemption, or just the voucher code, and adjust the spacing on the voucher.
Voucher element - styles tab
Select the Voucher Utility Bar element to enable or disable the Redeem*, Print, and Email buttons.

*The “redeem” button allows you to add a link to your e-commerce site.
Voucher Utility Bar element
Voucher utility bar settings

You can customize the share options by clicking on the Share Element.
Share element
Share element settings

Custom Coding

By clicking Code in the Design section, you can access the HTML, CSS section (on Advanced plans or higher) or the Javascript section (on the Power plan) to add custom coding. *Clicking Code with an element selected will open the HTML editor for that element.
Customize - Code

Vouchers Tab

In the Vouchers tab, you can view entry data for the first 1,000 entries, and download your Entries exports.
Vouchers tab and export

In the Vouchers tab, you can also search for a specific voucher code or entrant’s email address, as well as mark a voucher as Redeemed. If a voucher is marked as “redeemed” and the QR code is scanned/tapped, the redemption page will display that the code has been redeemed and cannot be used again.

Voucher search and redeem

Settings tab and Voucher Codes

Under the Settings tab, enable entry restrictions and limits, voucher expiration settings, and other important options.

Voucher settings tab

Click Expiration Date to choose a fixed or relative expiration and set a date or length of time.

Voucher expiration panel

Click Codes to select the type of codes that will be distributed (Static, Automatically Generated, or Custom codes).

Voucher - codes panel*For uploaded custom codes, you can also delete unused codes and export the unused codes along with the data associated with distributed codes.

In the Limits and Restrictions section, you can limit the number of available vouchers (if using static or automatically generated codes), restrict entry, and enable age or password restriction.
Voucher - limits and restrictions section

Coupon participants panel

In the Customizations section, you can customize all of the default language and auto-emails for your Coupon.

Coupon - customizations section

In the Advanced section, you can setup real-time integration for Automatic Exports, Facebook and Google Tracking, or enable Kiosk Mode for on-site campaigns.

Settings tab - Advanced
Automatic exports panel

At the bottom of the Settings page, you can Reset, Copy, or Delete your Coupon.

Copy, reset, and delete coupon

Preview and Publish

When you’re ready, go back to the Overview tab and test/preview your contest by clicking the experience URL under Installation.

Installation - preview

Click Preview to redirect the URL to an embed on your website.

Redirect URL

Click Install on Facebook to install a Facebook Tab for your experience.

Facebook ta panel

Clicking Embed on Website will open the Embed panel where you can copy the JavaScript embed code or WordPress short-code and adjust optional popup settings.

Embed panel

To turn off Admin-Only mode and publish your experience, click the Publish button in the Status area.

Publish button

If you have any questions or issues setting up your campaign, don’t hesitate to email us at!

Updated on July 16, 2021

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