Poll Setup Guide

The new Poll Experience is here! See below for the new setup guide and changes.

From the Campaigns page, select the template type – Landing Pages.
Landing pages - poll 2019

Next, you will need to select the type of Poll that you would like. You can choose the “blank” Poll, or one of the pre-designed templates (don’t worry, you can still edit and customize these templates).

Poll template choices

Followed by adding the title for the Poll:

Poll - title screen

You’ll be taken to the Overview tab to choose the general settings of your poll.

New Poll overview page

Start by clicking the Edit button above the “Status” area to adjust the experience’s start and end dates and times (times reflect your local time-zone).

Status section - edit button

Date and time editor

When you’re ready, you can also Publish the experience (turn off Admin-Only mode) here.

Share Dialogue

Also in the Overview section is Sharing.  Click the edit button to customize the shared title, description, and/or image. *This will apply to Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere that recognizes open graph share dialog.

Overview - Sharing

Share customization page - Poll

When you’re ready, you can use the Installation section to preview the experience, install it to Facebook, or get the embed code.

Poll experience - Installation section

Embed page:

Poll experience - embed page

Once your Poll has received votes/entries, you can return to the Overview page to view the progress. You can also click the View Votes button to view the entries and collected data (you can also export from that page).

Poll overview stats/votes


In the Design section, you can you can add backgrounds, images, videos, and customize the campaign’s form and share dialogue. For tips and tricks on using the Customize section, check out our blog site.
Poll experience - Design tab

In the Design tab, we will input what our fans can vote on. You can do this by clicking the Poll Choices element, then adding or editing in the left-hand Settings menu. Note: there is no limitation on poll choices.Poll choices element

Click the element:Poll choices element - selectedThen click Settings:

Edit poll choices
You can switch between the pages you are customizing from the left navigation menu.
Sweepstakes customize page nav
If your experience is configured to start in the future, all users that visit the URL will be directed to the Pre-Start Page. Most admins use the default, “Please check back later. The promotion you are trying to access hasn’t started yet”, because often times campaigns are not promoted until they are ready to accept entries, so users generally never see the Pre-Start Page.
When you Enable the Fan-Gate, you can ask users to first like your Facebook Business Page before they enter the promotion (due to Facebook’s platform policies, you cannot require or incentivize this action).


By clicking Elements in the left navigation of the Design section, you can add images, videos, text, or even design creative with the Canvas element.

By default, Polls start with no form element (Formless-submit). If you would like to collect data from entrants, add the Form element here.
Poll elements - form
You can add an image element to upload your creative content to the Entry Page.
*Notice the “Now Editing: Version 1” in the upper right corner. Versions gives you the ability to upload and schedule different images in the same image element.
Image element settings

Customizing the Form Fields

While in the Design section, click on the Form Fields element itself to add or edit form fields.
Form Fields element
Form element settings
Click “Add Form Field” in the menu on the left to add text fields, drop-downs, radio buttons, check-boxes, and social media follow buttons.
Add form field menu
Once a user has successfully entered, they will be directed to the Post Entry page. The Post Entry Page acts as confirmation that the user has successfully entered.

You can customize the share options by clicking on the Share Element.
Share element
Share element settings

Custom Coding

By clicking Code in the Customize section, you can access the HTML, CSS section (on Advanced plans or higher) or the Javascript section (on the Power plan) to add custom coding. *Clicking Code with an element selected will open the HTML editor for that element.
Customize - Code


In the Settings tab, you can edit entry and age restrictions, password-protect the experience, customize the language, add rules, and more.

Poll experience - settings tab

Click “Voting limits” in the Limits & Restrictions section to enable and choose entry restrictions (the number of times a user can enter).

Limits and restrictions section

Poll voting restrictions

Clicking “Custom Rules” in the Customizations section will allow you to type/paste in your rules, or add a URL to the site where your rules are hosted.

Poll - Customizations section

Custom rules section

The Advanced section allows you to add your Google Analytics or Facebook tracking pixels, enable Kiosk-mode, and setup real-time data exports.

Settings - Advanced

Realtime exports section

At the bottom of the Settings section, you can Reset, Copy, or Delete your Poll.

Reset, copy, and delete buttons

If you have any questions or issues setting up your experience, don’t hesitate to email us at support@woobox.com. Good luck with your campaign!

Updated on September 3, 2019

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