New Sweepstakes Builder: Setup Guide

Last Updated: May 12, 2017 03:31PM PDT

With the New Sweepstakes Builder, creating your next Sweepstakes is faster than ever. Here is a step by step setup guide to help you create, edit, customize, and go live in just a few short minutes.

Create a New Offer –
Edit Sweepstakes

When you first login to your dashboard, you are directed to the Promotions window. From the Promotions window, you can create your Sweepstakes by simply clicking the big green Create a New Offer button in the top right corner, then selecting Sweepstakes.

Create a New Offer Menu

Title and Description

Once you've created your new Sweepstakes, the next step is to enter your Title and Description. You can always come back later to Edit this content.

Entry Dates

All of our start and end times automatically sync to the local timezone associated with your active browser.

Entry Methods

If you want to limit the amount of entries each user can have, change Only allow users to enter once per... from No to Yes. You can limit users to one entry per Email Address, Email Address per day, Facebook user, Facebook user per day, or Twitter user.

If you want to reward users bonus entries for sharing and referring friends, change Award Bonus Entries for... from No to Yes. You can award 1-25 bonus entries for a User that clicks and enters from entrants shared link. 

Once your promotion is all setup, you can go live for public users by turning off admin only mode.

Sweepstakes Edit Page

Customize -
Add your Creative Content, Form and Share Dialogue

All of the creative content is managed by the administrators of the contest (you), but once you have your images and text all ready to go, adding it into the app is actually quick and easy. We have an article in our Support Center dedicated to image specifications. Check it out at

Now that your creative content is all ready to go, click Customize in the list of links to the left of your Edit window.

2017 Left Nav Menu 

If your contest is configured to start in the future, all users that access the promotion will be directed to the Pre-Start Page. Most admins use the default, "Please check back later. The promotion you are trying to access hasn't started yet", because often times offers are not promoted until they are ready to accept entries, so users generally never actually see the Pre-Start Page.

When you Enable the Fan-Gate, you can ask users to first like your Facebook Business Page before they enter the promotion (due to Facebook's platform policies, you cannot require or incentivize this action).

Add an Element: Image



Image edit
You can add an image element to upload your creative content to the Entry Page.
*Notice the "Now Editing: Version 1" in the upper right corner. Versions gives you the ability to upload and schedule different images in the same image element.


With the new form builder, setting up your custom forms is easier than ever. Simply select the Form Field Element, click Add Form Field, then select which Form Field you want to add.

Add Form Field:

Add form field

Edit Form Fields:
Edit form fields

Once a user has successfully entered, they will be directed to the Post Entry Page. The Post Entry Page acts as confirmation that the user has successfully entered and gives users the opportunity to gain bonus entries through sharing.

You can customize the share options by clicking on the Sharing Element.

Edit Sharing

Enable share buttons

The Facebook share dialogue and image can be edited in the Sharing section of the campaign's main left-navigation.
Share dialogue

Once the promotion End Date has been reached, all users will be directed to the Ended Page. Most admins use the default, "We're Sorry. The promotion you are trying to access has ended", but you can certainly add an image component if you want to let users know about your next offer.


Official Rules 

With our new official rules source editor, your rules are now more transparent than ever. Simply copy and paste your rules text into the source editor or link a url from your external rules page. From the main menu, click Advanced, then Rules:
Rules navgation

Paste Official Rules (Windows-Ctrl V or Mac-Command V)




Woobox now offers more ways to easily create your desired look. From the "customize" section of your promotion, you can click Styles to display these options. From here you will be able to change the color of the background, form, buttons and more!  Each element has its own Styles section when selected as well!
Element Styles

You can also add any CSS or JS you may need to fully complete the look you're going for in the Code section.

Go Live

Once you have everything setup and are ready to go live, the first step is to turn off admin only mode by clicking Publish from your Overview window. This doesn't automatically post your contest on your Facebook Business Page. For more information about making your offer live on Facebook, check out our Support Center article at
Publish Button