Troubleshooting Hashtags

Public hashtag entries not showing up in your Photo/Video Contest? Below are the most common reasons why. All private accounts must be set to public in order to enter via hashtag. It takes approximately 15 minutes to an hour for photos or videos to automatically filter into your Submissions section.


Private Instagram profiles cannot enter photo contests via hashtag entry. Example: If your friend tests your photo contest and has a private profile, you’ll be able to see the hashtag posted with the photo on their Instagram profile but not within Woobox.

Instagram now requires that your profile is a Business Profile and connected to your Facebook page. For more information and instructions, click here.
Also, Instagram now only allows you to retroactively pull in hashtag posts uploaded within the last 24 hours.


Users that enter via Facebook hashtag must post their photo directly on your Facebook Business Page Timeline in order to be automatically entered. Users that post their photo on their personal timeline with the hashtag will not be automatically entered.

Updated on August 15, 2023

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