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Instagram Connection Troubleshooting Steps

Instagram connection error

Getting an error regarding your Instagram connection? Instagram hashtag entries not being pulled into your UGC Contest? Instagram has recently made some changes to their platform that may be causing these issues. Here are some possible solutions:

Login with or connect to Facebook

Instagram Business Profiles must now be connected to a Facebook Business Page. In order to use Instagram features in Woobox, you need to authorize the app by validating your access token as an admin of the page. If you signed up with Facebook, be sure to login using the Facebook sign in method. If you login with an email and password, go to the All Businesses section, click the blue “Import Facebook Business Pages” button, and grant page permissions if prompted.

Import Business Pages

Grant Instagram Permissions

Sometimes your accounts are connected and you’ve logged in correctly, but you may still need to visit the Business Settings -> External Connections section in your Woobox dashboard and simply click the green “Grant Instagram Permissions” button, then follow any prompts in the popup.

External connections - grant Instagram permissions

Remove and replace Woobox apps from your profile

In some cases, you may need to completely reset your app authorization. To do this, go to your personal Facebook profile, click the drop-down arrow in the top toolbar and select settings. Then remove all Woobox or Woobox related apps from the “Business Integrations” and “Apps and Websites” sections. Log back into Woobox, and be sure to grant permissions when prompted. More info with screenshots here.

Reset Instagram Profile

If none of the above steps resolved the connection issue, you may need to revert your Instagram account back to a personal profile (this will delete business insights) and then switch back to a Business Profile and reconnect to your Facebook page. This method has worked for our customers, even when the other steps have not.

Updated on May 3, 2019

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