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Melissa Jones Jan 18, 2017 04:21PM PST

Hi, with the new interface I'm not sure how I add the ability to use hashtags as entries into the competition. Eg comment or share and add #xyz to enter.

I'm in the edit part of the promotion and can't seem to add this to it.


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Elle Jan 18, 2017 05:00PM PST Woobox Agent

The only contests that allow users to enter via hashtag would be a Photo, Video, or UGC (user generated content) app. Users would upload a video, a photo, or a text only entry (depending on the offer you choose, if you want all three, go with the UGC) and then use the hashtag. They would not be required to comment or share in order to be chosen as a winner. If you turn voting on, however, it does tend to incentivize users a bit more into sharing their entry.

The other option we have is liking (or as facebook calls it now, reacting) and/or commenting on a post from your business page. We can pick winners from users who react and/or comment (you can even choose from hashtags from a comment). What you would do is just post something to your timeline, such as “Like this post and comment which is your favorite color #blue or #green” to enter to win. Then when you’re ready to pick a winner, you can go into the Posts section of your dashboard, find the specific post and pick a winner from users who did those actions.

Requiring shares is against FB policy which means you are not able to require a user share a post in order to participate in a promotion, so we do not have a way of having that as an option.

Elle Lowe
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melissa Jan 19, 2017 09:32AM PST
Thanks Elle - so if I want to choose the second option to just get them to react and comment - which type of promotion should I set it up in. I've got it in sweepstakes at the moment but that doesn't give me the options to input the hashtags.

Its a really simple and quick 24 competition so we don't want to complicate it with text entries, photos etc

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Elle Jan 19, 2017 09:33AM PST Woobox Agent

No problem Melissa. You would not set up any promotion. You would just post to your timeline directly, like a regular post, and then go to your Post Section in your Woobox Dashboard when you’re ready to pick a winner, find the post, and use the winner picker option.

You can go to the Posts section now and pick a winner from an older post so you can see how it works. We do not announce or contact any winners you choose, so you can test it without anyone knowing you’re “picking a winner” from an old post.


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