Where will my campaign live?

“Do your campaigns only work on Facebook?” is a question we get often. It’s understandable considering that you may login using Facebook (now optional), but the answer is “Installing your campaign to Facebook is only one option!” Here’s a quick and simple guide to where you can host your campaigns.

1: Default Landing Page

When you first create your campaign and the Woobox.com URL is generated, the offer is hosted on a micro-site and can be viewed at that URL as its own landing page. This is a great option from a design standpoint because you are not restricted to the 810-pixel width of a Facebook tab and you could use a full-screen background image:

Another advantage is: no annoying popups if a user is not logged into Facebook, but you can still keep your Facebook page’s Like button on the form.

2: Embed it in your Website

Woobox provides embed codes for each campaign you create. You can embed the offer right into the page, make it a popup, or make the popup trigger by time spent on the page, when a visitor is about to leave the page, or as the user arrives on the page. If you have a WordPress site, download the free Woobox plugin and enter the WordPress short-code. More on embedding here.

3: Install it as a Facebook Page Tab

Just click Install on Facebook in the Overview section. More information on installing tabs here. By the way, you can do this and have the offer embedded in your website.

Install on Facebook button

Updated on July 16, 2021

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