Hosting a Campaign Outside of Facebook

Facebook is an awesome platform for marketing, but what if you want to run a campaign exclusively for Twitter fans or newsletter subscribers? Woobox makes it simple to run promotions on any social media platform with our mobile compatible web apps and our embeddable code.

The key is disabling all features that may require a Facebook login – this includes the Fangate, sharing, and others.

You can check on these settings from the Edit page of your campaign’s dashboard, and the Overview page will tell you if Facebook Auth Dialog is active or inactive. When set up properly, it should look like this:

If it says ACTIVE you can click on the Facebook Auth Dialog box, or click Edit in the left navigation to change entry or voting restrictions.

One other piece that can cause issues is the automatic share popup. This will not force authorization, but users will be asked to login to Facebook even if they don’t have an account. This option is found in the Customize section of the campaign after clicking the share element, then clicking “Settings” in the left navigation (share elements can be added to any page, so be sure to check any and all share components).

You can always enable Twitter following features or encourage sharing through emails by using Bonus Entries via referral link. For Bonus Entries via Referral, you’ll find the setting in the EDIT section (in Sweepstakes, Quizzes, and Pin-To-Win campaigns). For following and tweeting bonus entries or requirements, you can set that up in the Customize > Edit Form Element section.

Updated on January 29, 2019

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