Private Domain

Our Private Domain feature is available on the Power plan.

To set up your Private Domain, open your account panel and click Business Settings.
Account panel -Business Settings

Scroll down and click White Label to open its settings.

White-label menu

Then click the Enable White Label button.

Enable white label button

In the White Label field, you can update the “Powered by” section (or add a space to remove the ‘Powered by’ dialogue altogether).

Now you can also set up Private Domain. Point your host DNS CNAME to, then just enter your domain name into the Custom Domain field to activate your custom domain.

Private domain field

Keep in mind that we are still hosting the landing page, so if you have your campaign live on a landing page or if mobile users access it, the URL will display in the browser’s address bar after the page loads.

To avoid this entirely, you’ll need to also embed the offer to host it on your website rather than on ours, and redirect shares to the embedded version in the.

Updated on October 7, 2020

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