Custom CSS Reference Guide

Update 10/2018: CSS and HTML are now available on the Advanced and Power plans. If you are on the Basic or Standard plans, you will need to upgrade to use custom CSS or HTML.

Whether you want to customize one part of your campaign, or you want to fully customize the styles of multiple parts, it can be done with CSS in Woobox offers. We’ve compiled a list of some of the more common CSS reference requests (i.e., what item should be referenced in custom CSS in order to change the styling of the element), which we hope you’ll find helpful.

All Campaigns

Disclaimer/footer text color: #page-container .page .footer .disclaimer {color: red;}
Disclaimer/footer text size: #page-container .page .footer {font-size: 10px;}

UGC/Photo/Video contests

Removing post-entry user sharing section: ​.page-component .component-entries .entries {display: none;}
Gallery caption display without hover: #page-container .gallery-item .gallery-item-info .gallery-item-caption {display: block;}
Gallery thumbnail share without hover: ​#page-container .gallery-item .gallery-item-share-button {display: block;}


Your Poll choice button and text color is set by the general button styling options you set in the Styles tab, but if you want those buttons to be different from the Submit/Enter button, use this CSS:

Changing Vote button text color: .component-poll-choices .poll-choice .poll-choice-vote {color: red;}
To change the button color, use the same class and add: {background-color: red;}

If you have found a part of your campaign that cannot be changed easily and you need help, feel free to email us at

Updated on July 19, 2021

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