Displaying Field Data or Voucher Codes in HTML Autoresponder Emails

If you have connected your SMTP server to enable Autoresponder Emails – and you are using custom HTML for those outgoing emails, you can display specific form data or the entrant’s voucher code in the email using the following codes:

%CODE% = The user’s voucher/redemption code from a Coupon, Code Giveaway, or Instant Win.

%SCANCODE% = The QR code used by admins/retailers to mark vouchers as “redeemed”.

%CREATEON% = The entry or voucher create date.

%EXPIRESON% = A voucher/coupon expiration date.

%LINK% = The redemption link URL (page on your site where the entrant would use their coupon/voucher code).

%PRIZE% = Displays the specific Prize element awarded to the user in an Instant Win campaign.

*You can also import and display any submitted form data by wrapping the field name in the “percent” symbols. For example: %YOURNAME_FIRST%. You can find field names by clicking on the Form element in the Design section, then clicking on the </> code icon in the settings panel, and finding “name=” in each div.

Form HTML - field name
Updated on June 22, 2023

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