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How to add Custom Source Tracking to your Campaign

If you are sharing your campaign URL to different audiences or through different channels and want to track the traffic from each of those sources, simply add “?source=YOUR_SOURCE_NAME” to the end of your campaign’s URL.

For instance, if you wanted to see which of your two retail stores referred more traffic to the campaign, you could have each store use their own URL such as:

  • https://woobox.com/123abc?source=store1


  • https://woobox.com/123abc?source=store2.

Once the link is used, the source names “store1” and “store2” would appear in the Stats -> Sources section of the campaign and tack all entries from that link.

Notes for testing your custom sources: The source is tracked for the first visit of a user to a campaign. If the same browser later visits via a different source, it will not replace the original source and will only be tracked if the user has cleared their cookies. When testing sources, be sure to clear your browser’s cookies between tests.

Updated on August 7, 2019

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