How do I run a giveaway on Instagram?

Thanks to Instagram’s popularity, it has become a great place to host a contest. Due to its limitations, you may be wondering “How can I do an Instagram sweepstakes?” Our Winner Picker makes it easy!

From comments on posts

Just upload to Insta with instructions in the caption for your fans to comment on the post for a chance to win. When you’re ready to pick winners, just login to your Woobox dashboard, click Social on the left, then select Instagram Comment Picker.

Create a campaign - social

Find the contest post, and click on “Select“.

Instagram posts - select button

You can refresh/sync recent comments by clicking “Sync Comments“.

Instagram posts - sync comments

In the center of the screen, you can see the “Performance” section which shows a graph with comments and replies over time.

Instagram posts performance graph

The comments are displayed below the Performance graph. Click “Pick Winners” to select winners, or “Download” to export the comments CSV.

Instagram posts - pick winners and download

You can select the number of winners you’d like to draw and some other criteria, then click “Pick“.

Winner from post criteria modal

The winner and their comment is displayed below. This does not notify the winner or post to your account, so if you need to, you can un-pick that winner and pick again.

Picked winner from comment 2019

Hashtag submissions

To accept Instagram uploads as contest entries, go to the Campaigns section of your Woobox dashboard and setup a Photo/Video Contest.

Enter the required hashtag (or hashtags) on the Overview screen and click the toggle switch for IG.

Require multiple hashtags

Once you publish the campaign, posts using the designated hashtag will begin pulling into your campaign. *Instagram is now only allowing access to previous hashtag posts from the last 24 hours.

Updated on March 31, 2021

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