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Pick a winner based on location

I am setting up a sweepstake competition on Facebook, and promoting it to users in Australia. One of the other prizes is a Google Home Mini (I am happy to send this anywhere in Australia to whoever wins it), but one of the other prizes being a gift v...

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Change the Language in the uploading Box for the Pictures

We would change the Language for the complete Campagne in German. Tanks

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Picking Facebook winners from a group post

Can I use Woo Box to pick winners from a post on a Facebook Group? I can do this from my Faceboook page but no from a group my page manages. Please help. Thank you. Kind regards, Sophie C

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Realtime Mailchimp Export

With GDPR coming, we have a checkbox on the form asking for consent to add the user to our Mailchimp list. If they do not opt-in, of course we don't want to add them to our email list or more importantly have Mailchimp send them a Double opt-...

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unlimited bonus entries

Is there a way to award unlimited bonus entries for contestants? In the settings, it says that the max times they can be awarded a bonus entry is 25.

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UGC Contest: post photo without entry form

Hi, Is it possible to submit a photo in a UGC contest, but without using the submitting form? I would like people to submit their photo on our business page without giving an e-mail address etc... We have to keep track on hashtags though. ...

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Sweepstakes Contest Not Showing Properly in Zoho Social

Hello, Our company uses Zoho Social to organize and post to all our social media channels. We recently created a sweepstakes contest in Woobox, but when we place the woobox link, it shows the following instead of the image and text placed in the ...

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How to reset woodbox account to manage my other fan pages

Hello, i have signed up for woodbox, and then i connect my personal facebook account with woodbox. Then woodbox aseked me wich pages i wanna to manage. Then i just clickt my personal "Fan Page" which has 12 Followers on Facebook. The o...

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voting url

We have over 500 entries in our contest and are encouraging contestants to share their entry with friends and family...and encourage them to vote. I'm certain that each contestant gets a unique url that they can share to push people to their...

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Gallery Order

What order (sort order) do the videos/pictures appear in the Gallery. If voting is enabled, is it possible to have the gallery sorted by number of votes on each entrant?

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