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After our October 2019 dashboard update, you may have noticed that not all of your campaigns are displayed on the main “Campaigns” page. Here’s a guide on which campaigns go where:

In the left navigation under Create a Campaign you will now see Your Campaigns.

Campaigns - Your Campaigns

If you created a campaign from a template under the “Landing Pages” category, you’ll find it under Your Campaigns -> Landing Pages.

Your campaigns - Landing pages

If you created a campaign from either “Popups” or “Embeds” – You guessed it! They’ll be in the same category under Your Campaigns.

Your campaigns - Popups/Embeds

The section formerly known as “Static Tabs” is now titled Facebook Tabs. To install a new tab, choose Facebook Tabs from the “Create a Campaign” category. To manage existing tabs, choose Facebook Tabs under “Your Campaigns”.

Left nav - Facebook tabs

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube comment pickers are found in the Social section under “Create a Campaign”. Once you have picked winners from a post or exported data from the post, you will now find that specific post under Your Campaigns -> Social.

Social (posts) section
Updated on March 31, 2021

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