Password Options

Password protection is a great way to run an employee-only campaign or to ensure that entrants have completed a required action before entering. Here are the two methods of password protecting your campaign:

Single password/overlay

To present users with a popup or overlay in front of the Entry page, go to Password Restriction in the Settings tab.

Settings - Password Restrictions

In the panel that opens, enable the option and enter the required password, then save the change.

Password edit panel

Enable the Password option and enter the accepted password. *This option only allows for one password. For multiple-password support, read on!

Here is the popup that visitors will see:

Password popup

Multiple passwords/form field

The second password option is a field that you can add to your campaign’s form. Just add the Password field to your form in the Design¬†section, and add any number of accepted passwords separated by commas.

Add Password field 2021

Edit password field 2021
Password field on form 2021

Neither of these methods will limit or restrict the number of times the password(s) can be used. If you would like to implement Single-Use codes, see this article.

For creative ideas on how to use passwords in your campaigns, check out this blog.

Updated on October 19, 2021

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