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The Gallery element in your UGC Contest displays the content submitted to your campaign, but this element also houses some settings that you may want to change:

To access the gallery settings, go to the Customize section of your campaign, then click “Gallery” to view the gallery page. Once on the gallery page, click the Gallery element itself to select it:

Select gallery element

With the gallery element selected, click Settings from the menu on the left.

Here are the settings you will find there:

Gallery element settings

Show Vote Counts

If you have enabled voting in the Edit section, this toggle-switch will allow you to either show or hide the vote counts from each submission on the gallery page. “Yes” to show vote counts, and “No” to hide them.

Gallery show vote counts

Show Submitter’s Name

If you are collecting entrants’ names using the First & Last Name field in your campaign’s Form, you can choose whether or not to display the entrant’s name, and the format in which it will display. If you choose “Yes” to show the submitters names, you will see a drop-down menu just below the toggle-switch with four choices for how the names will display:

Gallery - submitter name options

*Hashtag submissions from Twitter will display the entrant’s username. Facebook and Instagram no longer allow access to usernames, so those will not be pulled into your campaign or be displayed on the submission.

Hashtag submission - show submitter's name

Twitter Message

This is where you can customize the Twitter share dialogue. Just type the tweet you want to be shared from the submission on the gallery page. The code you see in the field should not be deleted as that will display the unique URL leading back to that entrant’s submission on your gallery page. Usually, something like “I just entered this awesome photo contest! Click here to vote for me {{media.gallery_url}}!” works best.

Gallery - Twitter share customizaton

Enable Facebook Comments

This option is disabled by default, but you can turn it on here by clicking the toggle-switch to “Yes” to allow Facebook users to leave comments on entries in your gallery.

Enable Facebook comments in gallery

Number of Uploads per Page

By default, each page of your campaign’s gallery will display 21 submissions. You can increase or decrease that number here. Keep in mind that having too many uploads per page can cause the page to load slowly. We recommend displaying 50 or less per page for best results.

Uploads per page setting

Updated on June 21, 2019

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