Video Submissions

Since your Woobox Photo/Video Contest does not have a built-in video player in the gallery, there is a “Video URL” field in the form by default.

Video URL field 2021

To enter a video, users must first upload their video to one of the accepted platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram) and then enter the video URL into that field, or submit the URL via a hashtag entry (Stories or temporary posts are not supported in Photo/Video contests).

You can enable or disable the accepted video-hosting platforms if you only want videos from a certain source (i.e. Instagram) by editing the Settings of the field in the Design section.

Edit video URL field 2021

When submitted correctly and approved, that video submission will display and be playable in the Gallery.

Video submission displayed in gallery

If an entrant submits a video file (under 50MB) to the File Upload button, it will automatically be placed in the “Blocked” tab of the submissions section and the entry will display “Unsupported file type”. However, that file will be available for download in the Participants -> Download section.

Updated on August 3, 2022

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