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Rewarding referrals with Bonus Entries

Bonus entries for referrals are available in the Sweepstakes, Quiz, and Pin-to-Win campaigns. Enable this feature by clicking the toggle switch to “Yes” in the Form Entry section of the campaign’s Edit page. Enter the number of bonus entries to award per referral in the field below. You can award up to 25 additional entries per referral.

Bonus entries on

Bonus entries are tracked via a unique URL given to a user who has entered your offer. After they enter, they get the link which they can copy, or they can use the share buttons. The share buttons are customizable, so you can pick and choose which buttons you’d like displayed. Here’s a share element with all the options available.

Share element - bonus entry URL
Top referrers

Seeing your top referrals is extremely simple. Just click on Winners in the campaign’s left navigation, and underneath you’ll see “top referrers”. When clicked on, it will display the 50 top referrers.

top referrers nav item
top referrers list
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Updated on October 12, 2018

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