Coupon Functionality

Coupons are a great way to reward your fans or newsletter subscribers with discounts and freebies. Here are some different options for code distribution and redemption in your Coupon app:

Voucher Expiration Type

In the Edit section of your Coupon campaign, you can choose if the vouchers will expire on a specific date, or a relative number of days from when the voucher was awarded:
Voucher expiration - fixed
Voucher expiration - relative

Code distribution

You can also choose between these 3 options for distributing voucher codes:

1. Automatically generate codes. This option will randomly generate unique voucher codes on each coupon awarded.

Automatically generate voucher codes
2. Upload a list of custom codes. If you have a POS system that can generate and later accept/redeem custom codes, you can upload a list of custom codes to be distributed on your vouchers. After choosing this option and saving the change, refresh the page and you will see “Custom codes” in the left navigation. You can then add one code per line, or upload a text file of the codes.

Upload custom voucher codes
Custom voucher codes settings
3. Use same code for all vouchers. This option allows you to enter a single code that will be distributed on all vouchers. After selecting this option from the drop-down menu, a field will appear below where you can enter the code.

Same code for all vouchers

QR code for redemption

Click the Styles tab while you have the Voucher element selected in the Customize section to choose “QR code” from the Element Templates drop-down. This will display a QR code on each voucher that the retailer can scan (or tap, on a mobile device) to mark the voucher as “redeemed” so it cannot be used again. *You can choose “Code only” for just the voucher code to display without the QR code or expiration date.

Enable QR code on voucher
QR code on voucher

After scanning or tapping the QR code:
redeem via qr code

Limit total number of vouchers

To award a set amount of coupons, use the toggle switch to enable this feature and enter the number of available vouchers into the field.

Limit total number of vouchers

Voucher Visibility

Enable this feature to set a certain amount of time that the voucher page can be accessed if returning to the voucher page after the initial entry. If an entrant visits the campaign after this time limit, a link to their voucher will be automatically emailed to them and a message stating so will display.

Voucher visibility control

Voucher utility bar

By default, the voucher utility bar will display an “Email” and “Print” button (which you can disable). If you would like to drive entrants to an online store to redeem their code, select the voucher utility bar element and click Settings. Then enable the “Redeem button” and enter the destination URL. This way, entrants can click that button and go directly to your e-commerce site to make a purchase and enter their coupon code.

Voucher utility bar

Voucher utility element settings

Updated on February 7, 2019

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