Automatic Emails

Default Auto Emails

Apps that have the ability to select “auto-email” are voucher based campaigns. Those are the Coupon and Instant Win offers.

When managing either offer you’ll click “emails” on your left sidebar and you can tick the box that says “auto-email”. You can use our default template, or you can create your own using html in this same section.

Emails settings

In the Instant Win and Coupon campaigns if you don’t turn on auto-emails, by default there is a button on the voucher page for the entrant to click to email the voucher to themselves.

Auto Emails using CRM’s

Woobox integrates with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Webhook, Zapier, and AWeber. You set up the integrations in your business settings, and then for each offer you create you can turn on the realtime exports to send data from Woobox to your CRM.

Note: In the case of Zapier, you would have Woobox send data to Zapier, and then Zapier will send that data to your CRM. This is a workaround if you don’t have MailChimp, Constant Contact, or AWeber,

Learn more on setting up your CRM integration with Woobox.

Realtime exports

In most CRM’s, you can set up an email to be automatically sent to a user once their email is added to a list.

Auto Emails in Non-Voucher Based Campaigns (No CRM)

You can set up a mail server with your SMTP Host information. Once that is set up in the integrations section (learn more how to integrate SMTP  here) you’ll be able to switch on the auto-email option in offers that are non-voucher based.

Updated on February 8, 2019

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