Picking a Winner from Facebook Posts

A post promotion is one of the easiest offers to create, all you do is create a public post on Facebook and tell users to react or comment in order to win. Once you’re ready to pick a winner, log-in to Woobox and use our free tool to choose a winner from your post!

First, log in to your Woobox dashboard. Once you’re logged in, click Social on the left, then select Facebook Comment Picker.

Create a campaign - social

Find your contest post and click Select. You can also search for a post using the post URL.

Facebook comment picker with search bar

In the Post Details section, you can sync comments and reactions separately if you’re trying to limit your participation usage.

Facebook post details section

On this screen, you can also see the Performance stats and all of the Comments and Reactions. You can download CSV files of the comments or reactions by clicking the buttons labeled as such.

To pick winners, click Pick Winners.

Pick winners button - facebook

In the panel that opens to the right, you can select the number of winners you would like to pick, the entry methods (comments/reactions) and you can also limit entries to one-per-user by clicking the toggle switch under “Max one comment entry per user”. Then click Submit.

Comment winner picker popup

Once you’ve selected at least one winner from the post’s comments, you’ll see them listed under the Picked table, where you can also Unpick individual winners if needed. You can click on the users comment to view it on the post.

Comment section with link
Updated on March 16, 2021

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