Participation Limits and Limitations

What is a Participant:

A participant is someone who submits via a form or clicks the submit button. If you don’t have a form but have users click submit (example: Quiz) then it counts as a participant.

Each vote in a Photo/Video (UGC) contest is counted as a participant.

When picking winners from reactions or comments in the Posts section, those users are also counted as participants.

What ISN’T a participant:

Bonus entries for referrals, and views/visits of a campaign are not counted as participants.

Participation Limits for Plans:

Note: Woobox does add up all the participants from all of your campaigns during each month.

The free plan has a limit of 100 participants per month (account-wide). Learn more about free services by clicking here.

The Basic plan limits to 1,000 participants per month. If the limit is exceeded, you will be charged an additional $0.15 per participant over the limit.

Standard, Advanced, and Power plans all allow unlimited participants!

Learn more about pricing and each plan’s features here.

When logged in and managing your account, you can see the total amount of participants from all the businesses when you go here.

How to limit participants:

In your campaign’s Settings -> Participation Limits section you’ll have the option to restrict entry. This is automatically turned off, which means users can enter as often as they would like. Each time a user submits by clicking the submit button it counts towards your participant count if you do not have any restriction to entry. If you turn on the restriction, users can either enter once overall, or once per day. In the once per day option, each day they enter counts towards the participant limit.

Updated on October 14, 2022

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