Your Woobox campaign may have multiple pages that users will see or interact with. This article can be used as a guide of each page and how it’s used.


prestart page nav 2021

The Pre-Start page is where visitors will land if they click the campaign’s link or tab before the campaign has begun (based on the start date). By default, the page has a single text element that reads “Coming Soon” and the Countdown Timer element showing the time left until your campaign starts, based on the start date/time. You can edit and customize the text element, remove those elements, or add images or a video to give instructions or let your fans know when the campaign will begin. *The Pre-Start page is not active by default. To add the page to your campaign, click the + icon at the top of the left sidebar menu.

Prestart page 2021


Entry page nav 2021

The Entry page is where users will usually first interact with your offer, submitting the required information to enter your contest or promotion. The default elements on this page will depend on the campaign type. In a Quiz or Poll, the Entry page will also house the main element that users will interact with (such as the quiz questions and answers, poll choices, etc.) In a Poll campaign, the entry page will be titled “Poll”.

Submitted (post-entry)

Submitted page nav 2021
In most campaigns (Sweepstakes, Form, etc.) the Submitted page will have a “Thank you!” message and a Share element, as well as a message stating “You have x entries”.

In a Poll campaign, the Submitted page will feature a Poll Results element, a Quiz will have Quiz Results, a Coupon will display the voucher, etc.

In a Photo/Video Contest, the submitted page will have a Contest Uploads element which displays the entrant’s submission and caption and gives them an opportunity to share their submission and ask their friends to vote.

2021 photo contest submitted page


2021 ended page nav

To add an Ended page to your campaign, click the + icon at the top of the left sidebar menu. The Ended page will display after the campaign has ended based on the end date, or in the case of a voucher-based campaign, when all vouchers/prizes have been awarded. By default, the ended page displays a text element that reads “We’re sorry. The promotion you are trying to access has ended.”

ended page 2021

2021 gallery page nav

In a Photo/Video Contest there is also a Gallery page. The gallery page has its own settings in the Overview and Settings sections of your campaign such as active dates and voting options. Visit the gallery page while in the Design section to customize the page and the unique elements on the page.


Voucher page nav

In a Coupon or Instant Win, your campaign will also have a Voucher page. Visit the Voucher page in the Design section to add a “Thank you” message and choose settings for the Voucher and Voucher Utility elements. In an Instant Win with multiple prizes, you can preview this page displaying any of the available prizes in the Design section.

Coupon voucher page 2022

Voucher Expired

Voucher expired page

By default, the Voucher Expired page displays a message that reads “Your coupon has expired.” Just like the other pages in your campaigns, you can change this text and/or add images, videos, etc.

Expired coupon element

Loser (Not a Winner)

Instant win Loser page 2022

In an Instant Win campaign, the Loser (Not a Winner) page displays to those who did not randomly win a prize. By default, this page will have a text element that reads “Sorry, not a winner this time.” and a Share element. This page is a great place to let users know how long it will be until they can try again, when the next offer will start, or ask that they visit your website.

Not a winner page 2022

Updated on February 10, 2022

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