How Can I Pick a Winner?

Many of our apps allow you to pick a winner in multiple ways.

To choose a winner, just go to the Winners section under the Manage tab while managing your campaign.

Depending on your offer, you may have multiple choices.

Winners and top referrers 2019

Pick A Winner – This lets you pick winners at random, choose one at a time, or multiple at once. You can also choose between specific dates of entry as well.

Pick winners section 2019

Referrals – Only available in Sweepstakes, Pin-To-Wins, and Quizzes, this will show you the top 50 users with the most referrals. If you want to award users based on referring others into the contest, you’d want to look here to see who referred the most people.

Top referrers 2019

Top Votes – In a Photo, Video, or UGC contest, you’ll see a third option. If you’re doing a voting based contest you can see who the top votes are easily by clicking “Top Votes”.

Top votes section 2019

Top votes display

Our apps do not automatically contact winners when they’re chosen. You can send them a personalized email or contact them through other means (Facebook promotional guidelines do require you to contact them outside of Facebook, however).

Posts – You can also pick winners from reactions or comments from Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube posts. You can find more info on picking winners from posts here.

Updated on June 5, 2019

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