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Dedicated landing pages

Landing page templates

Choosing “Landing Page” when you first create a new campaign means that the offer will be hosted on its own micro-site or landing page. This also means that there are no sizing restrictions, so you can have a full-width background and/or change the content width. Don’t worry though, if you decide later to install the campaign to Facebook or embed it in your website, you can still do that at any time.

Microsite sweepstakes

Each campaign will have its own URL and when it’s clicked, the campaign will load on its own dedicated landing page. This URL can be shared in Facebook posts, tweets, email blasts, just about anywhere.

Campaign URL

You will still have all of the social following and sharing options, such as the Facebook like button, or Twitter and Instagram follow buttons in the Form element. You can also keep the Share element(s) so entrants can share to social media or directly with their friends.

Microsite sweeps share buttons

The content width can be changed in the Styles tab by clicking the “Advanced Display Options” icon at the top. Here you can also select between “content width” and “full width” for the background.

Styles - advanced display

Updated on February 20, 2019

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