Picking a Winner from Likes & Comments on Facebook Posts

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2015 03:24PM PDT

You may have seen our blog post announcing the launch of our free tool for picking winners from the Likes and Comments on your Facebook Posts. If you are still unclear about how to go about using this tool for yourself, you've come to the right place, simply follow the instructions below to get started!

1 First, log in to the Woobox dashboard. Once you're logged in, click on the Posts option in the top navigation bar.
Pick a Winner - Posts
2 In the list of posts from your Facebook Page, find the post you'd like to select a winner from, and click the Pick a Winner button on the right hand side of the list item.
Pick a Winner - Choose Post
Option A) Choose Winners from Likes on Post

Select your winner randomly from users who have "Liked" the post, by clicking the checkbox next to Users can enter by liking this post and click the Pick a Winner button.

Pick a Winner from Likes on Post
Option B) Choose Winners from Comments on Post

Select your winner randomly from the users who have commented on the post, by clicking the checkbox next to Users can enter by commenting on this post and clicking the Pick a Winner button.

NOTE: You can also specify whether you'd like to limit entries to one per user with this option, by checking the box next to Users may only enter once via comment, which will be displayed once you've selected the option to choose your winner based on comments.

Pick a Winner - Comments on Post

Once you've selected at least one winner from the post's likes and/or comments, you'll see them listed under the Winners table, where you can identify what type of entry they had (i.e., "comment" or "like"), as well as Unpick individual winners as needed.

Pick a Winner - View Winners

Additionally, you'll have the option (at any point in the process) to export the Likes and/or Comments from the post, which will provide you with a CSV file that has a record of all the selected data.

Pick a Winner - Export Likes & Comments