Uninstall a Tab

For our static tab apps (HTML FanGate, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) you can remove the tab right from your Woobox Dashboard.

Be sure to login with Facebook, then simply go to the Tab Settings, where you’d typically edit the content of the tab, and you’ll see an option just below the tab title to Remove App. Click the link and then confirm that you’d like to remove the tab by clicking the Delete App and Settings button.

Remove app button 2020

For our Campaign/experience apps (Sweepstakes, Coupons, Photo Contests, etc.), just go to the Facebook Page Tab section of the campaign’s dashboard and click the Remove Tab button.

Remove campaign tab

Hiding or removing an app/tab from your Facebook page

As of September 2020, Facebook has removed the option to delete tabs from the Settings -> Templates and Tabs section of your business page. We don’t know if this was intentional or if Facebook plans on changing it. 

In most cases, you should still be able to use our new Manage Tabs section to remove tabs even if the campaign has been deleted or if it is a non-Woobox tab.

After logging in with Facebook and choosing the desired business, go to the Business Settings section and click on Facebook:

Business settings button
Business settings - Facebook section

In the panel that opens on the right, you’ll now see a section titled Manage Tabs:

Manage Tabs section

You can view the tab on your page by clicking the blue tab title. Delete the tab from your page by clicking the trash-can icon to the right:

Trash can/delete tab button

It’s as simple as that! The tab should be removed from your Facebook page within a few minutes.

Removing stuck/empty tabs

If you’ve followed all of the steps above and you still have an empty tab stuck on your page, go to the Templates and Tabs section of your Facebook page and click the “Reset to default” link. Any empty tabs should now be removed. This will also remove all non-Facebook proprietary/additional tabs. 

Facebook tabs - reset to default

If your page is in Facebook Business Suite (formerly ‘Business Manager’) you can use the old tab controls by accessing the business via Business Suite, then clicking More Tools -> Page Settings -> Templates and Tabs. Here you will see the previous version of Templates and Tabs where you can rename or disable tabs individually.

If none of these options are working to remove tabs, you may need to contact Facebook Support for help.

Updated on July 26, 2021

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