How to Integrate with Zapier

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2017 02:01PM PDT

Zapier is a service that allows you to integrate one platform, like Woobox, with hundreds of other platforms. It can be used to integrate entry data from your users to a large number of CRMs that aren't natively supported via our Realtime Exports.

Getting started with Zapier is easy. Just be sure to follow each step.

First, you'll need to log in or sign up for a Zapier account. They have a free option for limited usage, with paid plans available for more traffic and features.

Make a Zap

Now, go to the Business Settings -> Integrations section of your Woobox dashboard and select Zapier. Generate an API Key if you haven't already, or copy the API Key from this screen.
*Important: API Keys are created on the business level. You will have a unique API Key for each of your Facebook pages or businesses.

Once the API Key has been created, click the blue link below the API Key field.

Then, you will see this popup:
Zapier API field
Paste the API Key into the field in the Zapier popup. Zapier will then ask for the "Campaign ID." The Campaign ID is the 6 characters at the end of your offer URL. 
Zapier campaign ID

You'll then need to go to that campaign in your Woobox dashboard and go to the Exports > Realtime Exports section.
You may need to refresh this page first.
Refresh realtime exports Zapier

Turn Zapier "On" (you will need to enable Zapier for each promotion).Realtime Exports - Zapier on

After you've enabled it in the campaign, the Zapier popup will say "Looking for the participant, this might take a sec...". At this point, in your Woobox dashboard, click "Send test data" and we'll send over some test form data to your zap.

Zapier should say "Test Successful!". Continue, and then choose the app you want to send data to. For this example, we'll use HubSpot, but the steps should be similar for other apps.

After selecting HubSpot, choose the action you want. In this case, we'll choose "Create or Update Contact" to create a subscriber. Click Save + Continue. Confirm which HubSpot account you want to use or connect it now.

On the next screen, Zapier will ask you to match up fields within HubSpot to fields within your form. Click the icon on the right of the first field "Contact Email", and a dropdown will come down with all of the form values we send over. Click "Email | Your Email Address" or whichever field you gather email with. Continue to match up any other fields in HubSpot to any other fields you gather in your form, then Continue.

On the next screen, you may have to skip the live test, because we send over placeholder values (ie "Your Email Address") when we send the test data. Your data should still be sent successfully when the campaign gets entries as long as it's matched up properly. Just click "Skip test and continue".

Lastly, name your Zap something like "Woobox with HubSpot" and turn it on. That's it! To verify it totally works, go to the live promotion and enter the form. Within 1-2 minutes your data should make its way over to HubSpot.

Our Zapier integration opens up hundreds of opportunities to integrate with new platforms. What will you choose?