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Why Should I Choose Woobox?

With so many options to run promotions and contests, why choose Woobox?

The biggest differences between Woobox and those other guys is the flexibility and the price. With the Woobox application suite, you get more flexibility to add any customization you desire to each page, including images, videos, links, HTML, and even a vector-art editor with our Canvas element.

You also get more sharing capabilities with our built-in Share features, direct Facebook Messenger sharing, and Send a Tweet buttons. Sharing can be encouraged by enabling the Bonus Entries for Referrals function.

However, the most obvious difference between Woobox and many of our competitors is our more affordable pricing and “cancel anytime” policy.

The Woobox application suite has tools and features many of our competitors just don’t have. Besides our free HTML support and proven track record of successful campaigns, we have the Woobox Ads Manager. This makes it quick and easy to not only set up your promotions, but also to quickly publish a Facebook ad to gain more traffic.

With our new Ads Trigger system, you can increase the quality of your budget for Facebook ads by automatically tracking the engagement on your page and targeting users who have recently visited. By prioritizing your ads with Ads Trigger, you can gain more qualified leads, instead of just entries.  For more information about Ads Trigger, check out this blog post.

All of our applications and features are compliant with Facebook Platform Policy, so you can run your promotions with peace of mind. You can set up any of our applications and features for free in Admin-Only Mode, allowing you to preview and test your campaign before deciding on a subscription.

Sound good? Get started with a free account today!

Updated on October 24, 2018

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